I never know what to say about myself, so I guess I will start off with that I’m a  first generation Dutch and Indonesian girl with an empathetic heart. My parents immigrated from the Netherlands in the 80’s and decided to raise me in Connecticut along with only one of my brothers, Thomas. He has down syndrome and genuinely has the sweetest and most innocent soul. My other brother, Ramses, is a self made beer-brewer in our homeland (the Netherlands), where he currently resides.

I am a sucker for a good burger, a mountain view, a stout or porter beer, and will never turn down a trip to Moe’s for burrito bowls. I’m also usually that friend you call when you’re lost in Sephora, the gym, or your closet when you can’t figure out something to wear… or just need a good pep talk.

My goal is to promote wellness, positivity and self-love from sharing my own personal experiences in life. I truly believe one grows through what they go through, and you can grow and glow even through times of challenge and adversity. My parents have always encouraged me to be the change that I want to see in the world. So here I am, blogging away with my heart on my sleeve, hoping to make a positive impact somewhere.